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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Planning
    • You may begin the planning process by either calling one of our agents, or by filling out the contact form via our website at During this process a member of our team will help you find the right speaker for your event. Whether you have a speaker in mind, or if you need help finding a speaker our team will assist you to find a speaker who fits within your price range, has availability surrounding the date you are interested in, and who will make your event shine.
  • Offer Form
    • Once we have decided which speaker you would like to bring in for your event we invite you to submit a formal invitation for this speaker to attend your event. This is also known as our offer form. By clicking the blue “Submit an Offer” button on the speaker’s page you will be asked to fill out a form that includes all details surrounding your event. This step is not taken unless all verification has been received from the venue, sponsor, and event planning committee.
  • Speaker Approval
    • After we receive your offer form we will look it over to be sure all of the details match what we initially agreed to and then we will send it to the speaker and their team for approval. This step typically takes 1-3 days, but sometimes can be rushed depending on your deadline. At this point the speaker will take a look at other events surrounding yours, and their personal schedule to ensure that there would be no conflicts and they will come back to us with an approval, pass, or a counter offer. If an approval happens we would then issue a contract to you immediately. Should a pass, or counter offer come back from the speaker we would communicate that to you giving you the opportunity to either amend the original offer to match their counter, or we may suggest looking at another speaker who would be available on your event date.
  • Contract
    • Once all approvals have been received by the speaker and their team we will issue you a contract. This contract will be a binding contract between you and the speaker. We give you 14 days to sign and return the contract, as well as a deposit for your event. Once you have signed and returned the contract we will have the speaker countersign and you will receive a fully executed contract for your records. Home Speakers About FAQ Contact SEARCH BAR HERE
  • Follow-up
    • We love your feedback! After an event that you booked through us, a member of our team will follow up with you to see how things went. We love hearing testimonies from the event, as well as suggestions as to how we can improve next time around. During this time we also take the opportunity to begin looking at your next event and speaker needs. Many times a speaker may come to us and suggest another colleague who would be the right fit for your event next year or maybe you already have somebody in mind. We are here to serve you!



The exact number of external expenses will vary based on the speaker but they typically fall into 4 main categories.

  • Travel: While some speakers travel alone, many will bring an assistant with them to their events to help manage day of activities or other responsibilities while the speaker is on the road. Depending on where the speaker lives, or where they would be traveling from, you would be asked to pay for flights or provide a travel stipend for gas reimbursement. We also ask that you provide ground transportation to and from the airport.
  • Meals: We ask that you cover all meals the speaker would eat during their stay. This can be a stipend, or catered food. This will vary based on each speaker and they cover any individual needs in their rider.
  • Lodging: Since speakers are traveling most weeks of the year, we do ask that our speakers receive the room(s) as agreed to on the contract in a hotel that is of “Marriot quality” or better. While many of our speakers make a career from traveling they are also working on new books, memoirs, or even sermons while traveling so privacy and comfort are important as far as lodging.
  • Audio/Visual Equipment: Depending on the style of event and the needs of each speaker you may have to provide a visual projector, wireless lavaliere microphone, basic sound system, etc.

*May be negotiated before a contract is issued*

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Not only do we work directly with the speakers listed on our roster, but we also work on utilizing the relationships we have with other speakers and agencies to ensure you receive access to almost every speaker you may be interested in bringing in for your next event. Whether it is an athlete, pastor, politician, or movie star, GOA Speakers will take the next steps of communication to bring the speaker you want in for your next event.

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Speaker fees are impacted by several factors including, name recognition, demand for speaker’s services, availability, location of event, length of presentation, number of presentations, and much more. Our speaker fees start from $4000 and go up from there. We do not post speaker fees on their page as these fees are always subject to change and vary based upon factors listed above. Please contact your GOA Speakers agent for current speaker fees and expenses.

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This will vary based on the speaker and circumstances surrounding your event. With that being said, the speaker will be available to you for the amount of time agreed upon in the contract. We will work with you to ensure that the speaker is open and available to you when you need them to be. We do understand that some organizations want the speaker to spend some time with them prior to the event so the speaker can truly grasp the message and vision they are trying to portray before they speak. We will try to work with schedules to see this happens as requested, but due to other events and personal conflicts this may not be possible in every situation.

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Our team of agents at GOA Speakers is trained to help you through this process. With a roster full of variety we are sure to find the speaker who would not only be the right one, but who would also have the greatest impact on those who are attending your event. For many events there is always a dream to have the biggest name come in and speak, but for some events that may not always be the best option. More money does not always mean the most impact. Here are a few questions to think about before deciding on which speaker you want to bring in.

  • What is the purpose of my event?
  • What is the theme/title of my event?
  • What will the demographic be of those in attendance? Who would they be most receptive to?
  • What challenges do we currently face with this event?
  • How can we set this event up for success as a platform for next year?
  • What message do those in attendance need to hear during this time?
  • How can we be sure that God is being given all glory during our event?

Knowing the answers to the questions will allow our team to help you narrow down speaker options, hopefully giving you a clearer picture as to which speakers will have the largest impact on those attending your event while helping you accomplish the goals and vision laid out for the event.

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Rather than charging the clients for our services, the speakers we represent are actually the ones who pay our fees. You will not receive any bill for a service provided to you by the GOA Speakers team. We will work with you in as little, or as much detail as needed to ensure that your event is successful.

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