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Chris Singleton

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Chris Singleton is a former professional athlete drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Following the loss of his mother in a racially motivated mass shooting, Chris has now become an inspirational speaker and best-selling author who has shared his message of unity and racial reconciliation with NFL and NBA teams as well as multiple Fortune 500 companies across the country. He shares with over 100 organizations and over 30,000 students annually and resides with his spouse Mariana and 3 children in Charleston, SC.

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Love is Stronger Than Hate

Chris Singleton - Ted X Talk

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Stories Behind Stances: Creating Empathy Through Hearing “The Other Side”

In his mission to unite people from all different walks of life, Chris Singleton explores various ways in which we can learn to see beyond our differences and embrace our shared values, hopes, and aspirations. Through memorable and relatable stories and practical wisdom, Singleton has crafted a guide that is accessible, inspiring, and thought-provoking for all. He challenges every person on both sides to examine their own beliefs and biases, to listen to those with whom they disagree, and to find common ground where everyone can work together to build a better world.

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