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Derrick Tennant

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Derrick Michael Tennant made the most of a tragedy in his life by creating an opportunity for a career. As a promising athlete, Derrick was progressing in his dream for a career in sports when one evening he laid down but did not wake up for three days.

He had undergone what doctors would later term random bleeding from point x for an unknown reason.  Paralyzed and in a coma, Derrick underwent brain surgery from which he became unable to move his left side. It would take years of therapy to re-learn the basics like walking, talking and simple daily tasks. Derrick is still unable to use his left arm and he walks with a limp, but he has learned a lot through this process.

Derrick credits one thing for his ability to make it through this process not only alive, but also learning and growing:  LOVE.  Receiving love from his family, his friends, and his God combined with learning to better demonstrate love in the midst of difficulty were essential to Derricks survival and vitality. After brain surgery, years of rehab and life in a wheelchair; he ultimately got on his feet again. Despite the very limited use of his left side, Derrick loves life and “looks on the right side” of things. He communicates the importance of shifting obstacles in life, work or business into opportunities.

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