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Michele Pillar

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Author, Speaker, and 3-time GRAMMY nominee, with more than 2 million records sold, Michele Pillar, has grown into a highly respected writer. Her book, Untangled, The Truth Will Set You Free, was recently featured on “Dr. Phil” where he spoke to Michele about the effects an abortion had on her life in 1973.

Untangled depicts it all in Chapter Four and song, FOUND. Michele’s first call to courage was at age 7 while hiding under her twin bed to escape the violent behavior of her addicted mother and how she still struggled to find her footing, even after becoming a Christian. But more importantly, Untangled is a window of hope, making clear the process of healing in Christ.
“The power of God is most evident in the restoration of a human life. Once we are truly healed, that miracle becomes contagious. People deserve to understand the process for themselves. I do it using the power of story, humor, songs, and bathe it all in God’s word.”—Michele.

Michele’s strong name recognition in Contemporary Christian Music and her many #1 radio hits may be her bedrock but are not what she’s leaning on now to carry her speaking engagements for Pregnancy Resource Centers at their annual fund-raising banquets and for Women’s events, offering, The Clothesline Women’s Conf.

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