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Bryce Kenny

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Growing up, Bryce’s passion was in Top Fuel dragracing, traveling the country with his grandfather competing in a race car capable of 300mph in just 4 seconds! Those miles traveled in the rig with his grandfather, Doc Sipple, would prove to be the mentorship that would equip Bryce with the passion and skill sets to fulfill his purpose – to use the platform of motorsports to change people’s lives. Bryce believes that while there are no secret formulas to life, there are gears that we must learn to shift in and out of at the right time. These gears are our foundational beliefs that guide the actions we take towards living the life we’ve always dreamed of. Gears like being driven by purpose, failing faster, and becoming built for others all require a decision in the midst of life’s toughest challenges to make that shift in order to get unstuck, find momentum, and start thriving again.

Life requires us to shift gears constantly, and Bryce is passionate about helping others find that next gear they never knew they had.

Bryce is now an inspirational speaker, best-selling Author of “Geared for Life”, and Professional Monster Jam driver as the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior – setting a Guinness World Record for the fastest speed in a monster truck in 2021 and being the first driver in the sport’s history to hit 100mph. Getting his start in 2016, Kenny recorded his first Freestyle win in his first year. Kenny earned the 2019 Save of the Year and 2021 Outreach Award. The driver of the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior has also played a role in Monster Jam TV coverage. His ability to represent brands and strategic partners like Great Clips, build family-friendly fan bases, and attain coveted awards in the sport makes Bryce a bright star in Monster Jam!

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Bryce Kenny Off the Track | Monster Jam

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How to Make Your NEXT (Spiritual) Shift!

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Geared For Life: Making the Shift Into Your Full Potential

After a tiring day of the same old routine you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media yet again. Frustrated, you can't help but think "Is this really all there is to life?" Monster Jam driver and motivational speaker Bryce Kenny has been there. In his new book, Geared for Life: Making the Shift Into Your Full Potential, he aims to help others uncover their dreams and dare to be brave.

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