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David Nasser – Author, Christian Speaker, Pro-Life Speaker, Biblical Teacher

In 1979, 9 year-old David and his family were forced to flee their home country of Iran amidst a bloody revolution, seeking asylum in America as refugees.

At age 18, after years of difficult assimilation to a new culture during a time when Iranian-American social and political tensions were high, David found hope and redemption through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Soon after his conversion from Islam to Christianity, he began pursuing his new-found calling in ministry. For over 30 years, God has used and equipped David as a gifted evangelist, author, and campus pastor of the world’s largest collegiate ministry. Recently, David and his wife Jennifer have moved to Franklin, TN to begin a new chapter as they lead an non-profit organization, the For Others Collective.

David continues to be a highly regarded communicator who speaks at churches, conferences, and festivals, as well as consults with a variety of organizations on the topics of culture development, leadership, and systems building across the globe.

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Book Releases

Jumping Through Fires

Religion has left an undeniable mark in our world. Some see it as the answer to every problem, while others see it as the problem itself. Simply put, religion is the single greatest force in history. But in a much more intimate sense, what does religion mean to one life? In this honest, suspenseful, and moving memoir, author David Nasser tells of a life filled with heartbreak and healing. Forced to escape from a country gripped in a religious revolution, David and his family run for their lives in an attempt to find refuge. Through the lens of a terrified boy we see the destructive power of religion and the pull of peer pressure as he tries to fit into a new culture. Nasser's raw and transparent account of his transition from hating religion to having a living faith in Christ will impact readers from across the religious spectrum. His unflinchingly honest, yet humorous, assessment of the church from an outsider's point of view will both enlighten readers and spur them to renewed and refined outreach. For anyone who has seen the lie of religion, whether in Iran or Alabama or anywhere in between, Nasser offers the truth of Jesus.

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