Jeff Bethke and Alyssa Bethke

Speaker / Author / YouTube Co-Hosts / Marriage Conferences / Young Adults


Jeff Bethke and Alyssa Bethke – Speaker, Author, YouTube Co-Hosts, Marriage Conferences, Young Adults.

Jeff Bethke and Alyssa Bethke are the founders of Jeff & Alyssa’s Monthly Marriage Workshop, an online community focused on helping members grow their marriages. Through a fun monthly webcast and easy-to-use tips and resources, couples discover how to be intentional with their time together and experience more joy, vibrancy and adventure in their most important relationship. Jeff is the New York Times bestselling author of Jesus > Religion (Thomas Nelson) and It’s Not What You Think, as well as Love That Lasts and 31 Creative Ways To Love And Encourage Him & Her, which he co-wrote with Alyssa, his wife of 5 years.

Jeff’s spoken word video, “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus,” has had more than 70 million views on YouTube, and His weekly YouTube series on dating, marriage, and relationships, has over 600,000 subscribers.

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About Jeff Bethke and Alyssa Bethke

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  • Speaking Topics: Marriage / Jesus > Religion
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Jeff & Alyssa on the 700 Club

Jeff Bethke at NRB '17

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