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Jonny Diaz

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A few years back, Jonny Diaz wrote an album called Everything Is Changing because everything was, well, changing. It’s not something he told many people, but at the time Diaz thought it would be his last album.

He was touring around 100 days a year, starting a business with his wife, had just become a father…And beyond the busy schedule, the music industry had become more draining of life than giving. The focus was on making a product to sell, rather than to fulfill a passion. Songwriting sessions were formulaic instead of inspiration-led. Diaz was feeling the industry more than the music.

Then something happened that changed everything all over again: Jonny’s song “Breathe”– a last-minute toss as a radio single– resonated quickly with listeners and became a hit. Suddenly it was time to reevaluate his music career all over again.

“Ironically, the success of “Breathe” had the potential to make my life even crazier.  But, God was also using my lyrics to speak to me.  It was time to rest and focus on my most important callings… Child of God, husband, and father of three.”

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"Breathe" (Official Lyric Video)

"Thank God I Got Her" (Acoustic)

Book Releases

More Beautiful You: A Study in True Beauty

The God of the universe designed you before the foundation of the world to be exactly who you are — not some touched up picture in a magazine. He created you beautiful the way you are right now. That may sound unbelievable, but let Christian music artist Jonny Diaz introduce you to someone he trusts to open your heart to true beauty, Gwen Diaz.

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  • Traveling From: Nashville, TN
  • Travel Requirements: 1 Airfare / Local Ground Transportation
  • Price Range: Contact Agent
  • Speaking Topics: Men's Speakers, Pro-Life Speakers
  • Contact: Greg Oliver