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Levi Lusko is the author of the bestselling books “Through the Eyes of a Lion” and “Swipe Right.” He is also the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church – a multisite church located in Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Wyoming that he and his wife Jennie pioneered in 2007. Levi travels around the world speaking about Jesus. He takes pleasure in small things, such as black coffee, new shoes, fast Internet, and falling asleep in the sun. He and his wife have one son: Lennox, and four daughters: Alivia, Daisy, Clover, and Lenya, who is in heaven. His new book “I Declare War,”  is now available.

About Levi Lusko

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A Grain of Salt & A Beam of Light

Coming To Yourself

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I Declare War

Win the battle with yourself by declaring war on your darkness, demons, and self-sabotaging tendencies. Discover the thoughts, words, behaviors, and power you need to achieve ongoing victory. You might not want to (or even know you need to) declare war, but it's time for you to want to enter the fight. It’s likely you are your own worst enemy. Learn to get out of your own way and discover the secret weapon to winning the war within.

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